SeagullPixel perfect expectations with the use of CSS and Photoshop, focused on user interface design strategy, design principles, and design trends. Leveraging HTML5 and CSS build techniques and platforms with enterprise level scalable responsive frameworks, Bootstrap, Foundation, and Node with Angular CLI.

UX Case Study

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Hi-Fi Prototype

Design a mobile ticketing app for a movie theater

Project overview

The problem:

SeagullLiam is a Film Teacher passionate about his career and family who needs to reserve tickets online and view family oriented trailers from home because it is important how to stay more organized and manage time when in the theater watching movies.

The goal:

Our Theater Ticket App will let users view movie trailers and reserve tickets from home, which will affect the users limited time with family to see movies and plan theater visits, by helping them stay more organized and manage time when in the theater.

Teatro Home Screen

Version Control

GIT and a GitHub repository.

SeagullThis project is a study in how to use version control, GIT, and a GitHub repository. The original A/B Split Test was set to 50% version A index.html and 50% version B index-rev1html with the Call To Action as the difference.

Redesigned website prototype and Front End development of a well known brand in the genome industry. With Bootstrap as the core for a responsive theme, an addition of a little JavaScript, HTML5 main section div names, and a CSS3 custom style supplement to the core Bootstrap CSS. Creation of graphic elements, User Interface animation, and the use of branding colors.


Content Management

Ei Fanzines | Custom WordPress

ei logo

SeagullThis is a custom WordPress theme I coded and uploaded for a science fiction author. This is coded in HTML and CSS3, then broken up into PHP includes. Has JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, custom post types, custom cover, story, and issue type taxonomy plug in.

Design Strategy

This is a sample of A/B Split Testing.

Red Shark

SeagullThis test is created with Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer. The idea is to serve up the two different versions at the same time and then watch the Google Analytics and decide which is the best version based off the conversion rate goal. From here you can then progressively enhance your website and optimize to the best results.

This is done via alternate versions of the page with a revision number assigned. In this case the core is index.php and the alternate version is index1.php. 50% of all viewers will get the Red Shark and 50% will get the Blue Shark. You can View the 2 different Versions by loading the site into 2 browsers at the same time.


User Interface

Requires diverse knowledge of systems design processes and user characteristics, including: Users physical characteristics, limitations, and disabilities. Speed and efficiency needs. Reliability issues. Security concerns. Level of usability and functionality required. Frequency of product use. Users past experience with same or similar product. Level of cognitive or mental effort required from the user. Users tolerance for error. Users patience and motivation for learning. Cultural and language.


Design Strategy

As I finished of my degree in the web field. I ran across this article on defending the generalist. I am growing concerned with the direction I will be able to take. I consider myself as a generalist, not a specialist in any one of the web disciplines yet. Paul Boag wrote about the web field becoming very complicated. Having specialist in each area is important. Such as content strategists, user experience architects, and front end developers. There is a conception that generalists lack skills.


Social Media

I stumbled upon this article on Circle's by Google. It was on the initial interface they have come up with in the social networking arena. It is going to be the initial way that everyone sees the circles that they belong to. It is a circle of friends or groups in a circle on a circle. It looks like a very neat and simple layout. It comes with a drag and drop feature so that you move the people and groups around to follow and share. The drag and drop is a useful concept and will give a powerful visual impact.

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