Aloha Surf San Diego

Locals Only...

Welcome to my World. Where everyday is a surf day. Rain or shine, winter or summer, year round.

This site is a brief information on surfing the local beaches of San Diego. I will update it from time to time and add some new things to it. I have went over the most popular surfing area and some of the areas a local would probably visit. From the border to Oceanside and the places in between. I have started a local surfers code and listed ten things on it so far. This is to help out with some of the new guys and overly agro. Please send any good rules that you can think of to pass on. It would be nice to air some of the things that need a platform.

If you have any cool local surf photos, surf stories, or info you would like me to consider posting. Fell free to send me an email and I will try to work it into this site somewhere. This is just the beginning of the site, everything is transitional. Keep a look out for the construction workers. It would be cool to incorporate some interaction with the locals. It would be especially appropriate for any new surf contests and news. Please enter in the blog at and stay tuned-in as things on this site grow.

I have called this Aloha Surf San Diego. With an emphasis on the Aloha spirit and tradition. One of my favorite surf friends is from Hawaii his name is Ramos. People from Hawaii always seem to have a friendly fun time. You can tell when he is out because you hear someone shouting Party Wave. Unlike a lot of the locals that want the wave all to them selves, Ramos wants everyone to ride. That's one of the things that embodies surfing. The best surfer is the one having the most fun. Why surf if you are out there being grumpy and have the idea that the waves are all yours.